Coolest Men’s Hairstyles in Sport

The current sport men with the coolest hairstyles!

Here at Philippines Sports we love bringing interesting stuff on the sports not only Pinoy sports but also sports worldwide. In this article we have decided to bring you the men in sports, professional and amateur that have the greatest male hairstyles currently!! :-D

Troy Polamalu, the man with a hairstyle resembling a lion

Troy Polamalu is an American (americano) football player who is known for his super long curly mane. Football players have to wear helmets so in the case of Polamalu he has to tie his hair very carefully so that his mane is put between his crown and the helmet. Polamalu’s long hairstyle is a high bun when he’s playing football and long loose curls when living his daily life.

Troy Polamalu with a long men's hairstyle for his curly hait

Rogelio, the men’s hairstyles expert from Manly Curls

Rogelio will not ring a bell for those of you who are only into professional sports but Rogelio is an amateur weightlifter who has some fairly popular videos on Youtube. This would not be worth of consideration in our list if it wasn’t because Rogelio is the prolific author of Manly Curls, a popular men’s hairstyles blog, and Rogelio has also authored the books The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils and Kinks and The Men’s Hair Book: A Male’s Guide To Hair Care, Hair Styles, Hair Grooming, Hair Products and Rocking It All Without The Baloney.

Perhaps including Rogelio in this list may not make much sense but I have to admit I have a crush on Rogelio’s long curly hair and there are rumours that he may in fact be a Pinoy, plus he is known for pioneering a “hairstyle revolution” outside of his weightlifting!!

Neymar Junior Dos Santos, will straighten his hair to rock hairstyles only Neymar himself would try

Those of you who watch football or soccer as we know the Americans call it, will know Neymar Junior Dos Santos very well. He is a Brazilian young player who has worn all kinds of hairstyles and usually dyes his hair blonde. Neymar has curly hair and he is always straightening his curls with brazilian blowout techniques.

Dennis Rodman, the chameleon of men’s hairstyles

Dennis Rodman is a former Chicago Bulls basketball player who was known and is still known for his cool as in crazy hairstyles. Rodman’s favorite hair colors were blonde and green despite the fact Dennis Rodman is an African American male with the darkest and curliest of hair!! Rodman would sometimes also dye his hair in square shapes but that’s too much to label it as cool, the rest of his hairstyles however, were pretty cool in our eyes.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the king of men’s hairstyles

Cristiano Ronaldo was once a shy boy with curly hair who knew how to kick a ball around a football field. Then he grew up and not only Cristiano Ronaldo became among the most successful football players in current history but he also started styling his hair in some pretty cool hairstyles that became trendy such as the faux hawk and also a hairstyle which Rogelio from Manly Curls coined, the metro mullet which consists of a faux hawk hairstyle with a mullet added and which Cristiano Ronaldo wore in the 2006 world cup.

Valentino Rossi, the Italian stud with the thick curls

Motor racer Valentino Rossi is a great super bike rider and because he is obliged to wear a helmet, we don’t usually get to see Valentino Rossi’s cool curly hair that has women all over him. Valentino Rossi usually wear his brunette curly hair loose and big which gives him a rock star allure!!

Ronaldinho, the man of the ever growing curly hair

Another footballer to be added to the list, Ronaldinho has been known for his trademark curly pony tail and for being among the few football players who would not tie his hair during games. Ronaldinho would at all times wear a loose hairstyle for his long curly hair and he claimed that he grew his hair for 8 years from scratch to have it long and dangling during the time he played for the Spanish team F.C Barcelona.

Carlos Valderrama, the man with the biggest hair

To finish off the list we will feature a footballer who had no contender when it came to the size of his…hair. Carlos Valderrama was an one time measure as 23 centimeters deep which is the biggest hair ever recorded in football.

Carlos Valderrama curly hair

Outside of his big hair, Carlos Valderrama was known for his long curly hair dyed in platinum blonde together with his mustache. Carlos Valderrama created a precedent and paved the way for other modern footballers to sport long hair on the field.